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Living the Dream of an Adolescent Nerd

Every adolescent math nerd had the intention of becoming an architect.  We end up as industrial engineers.  The planet only needs so many architects. We dreamed of designing fabulous huge homes and believed there was a huge need for architects … Continue reading

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Cynicism from a Pro

About the most annoying news obsession of this week was the endless speculation about how Obama would “do” with his speech at the Tucson memorial.  All the pundits eagerly awaiting “the speech” so they could hold up their scores as … Continue reading

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Dear Honored Guests

You are my guest for a reason.  I wanted you as my guest.  The vast majority of my guests are gracious and I was delighted to serve as your host.  This post is not addressed to you. However. There are … Continue reading

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And you think sloop has a potty mouth

Maybe so.  But not at home.  I am not allowed to cuss. Now these are some potty mouth mofos.  From an internet radio show that features a hawt potty mouth chick with bodacious jugz.  She has three “male” cohosts that … Continue reading

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Reflections on Life while Sitting in Soiled Diapers

I saw a posting tonight from an online friend.  She was boasting of an accomplishment of one of her children. Now this is not one of those helicopter parents that thinks we should all stop our world because their kid … Continue reading

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Is it spring yet?

Saw the snow.  Over it. Slid down the mountain on one ski, two skis and a board.  Over it. Played on the snowmobiles.  Over it. Why the hell is Sarah Palin so happy all the time in all that snow?

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Give us BBML on the G250

Don’t make me fly to Israel and join that customer advisory team. Who the hell is on those teams?  No, I am not volunteering.  Just criticizing.  That whole interior reveal for the 250 and 650 should tell you the wrong … Continue reading

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Who the hell eats this stuff?

If you can’t do food right, I’m wondering if your carbon footprint exceeds the value of your contributions to the planet.  I mean hell, even the Mexicans can make some kickass food.  What have the Brits contributed? Yorkshire pudding.  I … Continue reading

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Shoveling Reindeer Poop

Nothing will bring on the Christmas spirit like a Christmas parade.  Or maybe shoveling reindeer poop.  I forget which. Everyone in the country lives within three miles of a Super Walmart.  Except me.  Its not like I have to drive … Continue reading

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Dallas Gots Class

I lived in Dallas for many years.  Its geography makes it a good place for data centers.  Aside from making money, I am not seeing that Dallas has much going for it.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t hate Dallas.  … Continue reading

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Animal Shelters, Volunteerism and Philanthrophy

I have a bus.  A bigo bus with an identity crisis. It was created from a Freightliner Cascadia truck with a Benz engine and transmission.  The bus has an automatic tranny that causes the other trucks to call him a … Continue reading

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Hating on Enviro Wackjobs

I have decided that enviro wackjobs are people in a pissy mood because they can’t afford to buy a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado.  Mine is dubbed “The Glurgolator”.  500 cubic inches of fossil fuel guzzling engine built to do nothing more … Continue reading

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