Living the Dream of an Adolescent Nerd

Every adolescent math nerd had the intention of becoming an architect.  We end up as industrial engineers.  The planet only needs so many architects.

We dreamed of designing fabulous huge homes and believed there was a huge need for architects that design fabulous huge houses.  Three guys succeeded in that dream.

This is one of them.  He does several styles of homes but I think his best work is his French Country/Chateau designs.  Which is the style that attracts my eye.

These are not huge houses.  Here is an example of a house he was asked to redesign.

Here is another project he was called in on.  Construction was in progress and the client did not want to tear out what was done.  Which added constraints.



An alternate design of the front elevation:

Adding these period details will easily double the cost of building the house.  And they continue inside.

Front door:

Could you call this home? Do you really believe you could unclench your asshole and relax in this house?

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