Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man.  Not only about economics.  His observations on life put into words the stuff you knew but never put much thought into or expressed in words.  His book “The Wisdom of the Ages” makes a point that stands out in my mind.

The point being that there is a wisdom in the collective thinking of a nation.  Consensus emerges from millions of people thinking, debating and experimenting.  The consensus born of this process is almost always right.  If your crusade goes contrary to that consensus, chances are you are wrong and should reconsider your position.

Collective wisdom is vital to capitalism.  Centralized planning causes devastation.  We have farmers making individual decisions about what they want to plant and never have a problem finding whatever we want in the grocery store.  The limited wisdom of central planning for crops had the Soviet Union in constant shortages.  As our government seizes more control of decisions that are made by bureaucrats, we suffer the unintended consequences.  These people think they are smarter than the collective wisdom.  They aren’t.

Some people need a cause.  And some really, really need a cause.  These people are prime candidates to be Paultards and 9/11 Truthers.  The farther out on the fringe, the more they are attracted to “the cause”.  They have wisdom that the rest of the entire planet is missing.  Nothing will convince them of their folly and they expend huge amounts of time and energy to prove they are right despite the conventional wisdom.  They seldom are.

I am beginning to think the smartmeter crusaders are “cause” people.  They are convinced that smartmeters will cause cancer, insanity, rank farts and are a form of mind control.  They ignore the fact that they eat a pound of uranium every day, their cancer is due to the smartmeter.

What is a smartmeter?  It is how your power company measures your electricity usage.  So they can bill you.  When you build a house, you buy a gray box and mount it on the outside of your house.  This is where the electricity enters your house or service entry point.  The meter base has a connection for the wires from the power grid to terminate (attach) and a similar connection where all the wires in your house terminate.  Between these two terminations is a gap.  No electricity can flow into your house until that gap is bridged.  You could take a chunk of metal and bridge that gap and the electricity would flow into your house.  You would also go to the hoosegow if you are caught doing that.

When you contact your electrical utility for service, the utility company brings a meter and plugs it into the meter base.  It bridges the gap so the electricity can flow into your house.  It also allows the utility company to measure how much electricity you use so they can bill you.  They place a seal on the meter box so they will know if you remove the meter and put in that chunk of metal to steal electricity.

You own the gray meter base box.  You bought it.  You do not own the meter.  It is the property of the utility company.  You cannot buy a meter and insert it in your meter base box.  It is illegal.

The power company has a person visit your meter once a month to “read” the meter.  Read meaning seeing how much electricity you used that month.  Every electrical meter in the country.  Every month.  Rain, snow and dog bites.  If you want electricity, you must agree to allow access to your meter for the “meter reader”.

Electricity is not a human right.  No one owes you electricity on your terms.

Smartmeters eliminate “meter readers”.  Automated phone switches eliminated phone operators plugging in every phone call.  Smartmeters cannot turn off your toaster or report to the sinister headquarters or EPA that your toast selection was extra dark.  At least not with the toaster you own.  Truth be told, no one cares about your toast.  Your life is not that important for anyone to give a flying fuck about your toast.

No appliance you own can be manipulated by government, the power company or the evil Dr. No that you think is obsessed with your toast.  Your appliances are not smart enough.  It is probably true that the power company can cut off the power to your house if you have a smartmeter.  It can also report your electrical usage, possibly in real time (as you use it).

I have a blog entry that explains what is possible using home automation.  Smart lights, lawn sprinklers and thermostats are available today but it is a niche market that, while growing in popularity, is primarily a DIY market for nerds.  It also explains why the evil Dr. No can’t turn off your toaster, even if he wanted to.  It is available here:


An interesting post was brought to my attention.  Well, interesting in the “OMG I hate car wrecks but can’t stop myself from rubbernecking when I pass one” sense.  Everyone loves a freak show and trust, the author is one bigo train wreck freak.


This loser wackjob exposes herself as a libtard because she rails against evil corporate profits when she defines cost savings as “money grubbers”.  Its painful to read because the wackjob author does not even have a concept of the subject.  She cites “experts” that say outright lies.  Here is a quote from one of them:

“That data shows when you are at home, shows when you are sleeping, shows when you are on vacation, when you have visitors, when you use a lamp, a power tool, some extra computers, and if you look like you’re running a business out of your home. It even senses when you bootleg energy off the grid.”

When you are sleeping?  Visitor detectors?

Evidently, she thinks stealing the property of the power company is a good thing and these evil smartmeters will somehow keep you from doing it.

Lady, citing “experts” that make such outlandishly wrong information, and representing it as fact is a huge mistake.  It leads people to dismiss anything and everything you write, even if you might have one valid point about smartmeters.  Exaggeration, hyperbole and outright lies discredit your article.

If 100,000,000 smart meters are installed and one person gets rank farts, she claims the smartmeter is the cause.  She must believe the only factor in rank farts is the smartmeter, or even the cow that was near a smartmeter.  The burger you ate made from that cow caused the rank farts because the cow passed within 70 milles of a smartmeter.

The rank fart epidemic of one could not be caused from the pound of plutonium the victim ate daily.  Nor from smoking a pound of weed every day for 20 years.  The smartmeter is the cause.

Zero credibility.

And she is asking everyone that stumps their toe to report it to her because it is obviously the smartmeter’s fault.  She seems to think trolling wackjob web sites that are authored by conspiracy wackjobs (like her) is “research”.  She does not even have a concept of what she is raging about.  The “magic” of electricity has wondrous, mystical capabilities that defy logic and physics.  And is inflicting the heartbreak of rank farts on that one in 100,000,000 meter victims.  Not to mention the outbreak of cows stumping their toes.

Lady, your “research” needs to start with the concept of how electrical devices work.  No lamp you own can report to the evil Dr. No that you turned it on.  If you bought a lamp that was smart enough to report its status, a smartmeter would play ZERO part in that ability.  And of course, you are not important enough for Dr. No to give a flying fuck about your lamps.

She also seems to think that she is important enough to cause the meter reader for her “dumb” meter to treat her differently than everyone else on the planet.  Because she took it upon herself to have pets and wants to lock the meter reader from having access to the meter, she thinks the meter reader should knock on her door and wait for an escort to her precious meter.  Get a clue, fool.  If every meter took 20 minutes to read, EVERYONE’S rates would go up.  Your uneducated foolish actions are now causing others to pay more.  You don’t have that right.  You are not that important to the planet.

Evidently the husband has medical problems that were somehow contracted without the evil smartmeter.

Smartmeters cannot cause the wiring in your house to burst into flames.  More lies that discredit your article.  You also make assumptions that are not true.  You assume there is only one model of smartmeter and all of them function the same way.

Electric utilities have tons of government regulations but are private companies.  She wants to use the power of government to control how those companies do their business.  There is no consensus that smartmeters cause rank farts except among conspiracy wackjobs that do not understand what a meter is.  I am sorry if you have rank farts that began when your smartmeter was installed, but that is not scientific proof.  Its your hypochondria and lack of anything important to do with your time.

In Texas (where she lives and I am a resident), the electrical utilities were “busted up”.  This was done to telephones years ago.  The company (named today) TXU Energy installed the power lines that feed electricity to the homes.  For a long time, if you wanted electricity for your home you had to pay TXU Energy.  Texas “busted up” that monopoly and today Texas residents can choose from several electrical service providers.  Same is true for your phone company.  But that would leave no one in charge of the power lines, transformers and meters.  In Texas, there is now a company that handles those resources for all the electrical service providers.  This is the company that owns the meters and services them.

This crazy bitch is going to the government and getting lawyers involved to force a private company to change the way they provide her service.  If you believe her uninformed paranoia, the smartmeter on your house can cause her problems so you have no right to a smartmeter.  You have no right to have a smartmeter because a cow 70 miles away might be changed by your smartmeter and end up in a burger she eats.  Which in turn would inflict the horror of rank farts on her.

To avoid her imagined rank fart disease, she and a few other wackjobs have decided that a private company must not automate the way they provide service to her.  And to me.  She has the right to up the price I pay for electricity because in her pointy head, it causes rank farts.  She wants a dog so she has the right to up the price I pay because she wants a meter reader to take 20 minutes to read her dumb meter.

These are the same people that bitch about the livery stables going out of business if the government allowed us to drive cars.  Uneducated wackjobs like this think they know more than the consensus, more than the collective wisdom of the ages.  She wants to inflict her control upon something she has no understanding of.  I hereby bestow a new title upon this wackjob and those of her ilk:  Smartmeter Nazis.

Here is another lie:

“The same claims were made a decade ago about cell phones and now people around the world know different.”

Let me play this wackjob game.  PERSONAL COMPUTERS CAUSE RANK FARTS!  I DEMAND THE GOVERNMENT SEIZE ALL PERSONAL COMPUTERS IMMEDIATELY AND DESTROY THEM!  Start with this wackjob Smartmeter Nazi that is belching carbon and destroying the planet for me and all cows by using a computer to post idiotic articles about subjects she does not understand.

No idiot.  I do not work for a power company or associated with them in any way other than a customer that pays his bill in full and on time every month.  I am not an expert about smartmeters or the electrical grid but smart enough to understand that this lady is an idiot, a control freak and Smartmeter Nazi.

Then this wackjob goes on about who owns the power lines, transformers and meters.  Trying to hint at something sinister.  And (GOD HELP US!) “young” companies inventing the meters.  Wanting you to believe your privacy is at risk through their evil magic smartmeters.  NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BORING OLD SAGGING TITS AND PRIVACY.  YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO CARE ABOUT.  You are too stoopid to understand what a smartmeter can and can not do.  You are too stoopid to know that all your concerns about your boring life and privacy are present with or without a smartmeter.

I did not read all her links.  After all her misinformation and outright lies she lost all credibility with me.  Her hysteria and lies have caused me to fall in love with my smartmeter and instilled a strong desire in me to get nekkid with my smartmeter in a bigo vat of lime Jello.

If the Smartmeter Nazi was smart, she’d learn the basic concepts of her subject.  Then filter out the lies and hysteria and focus on the only possible impact smartmeters might have on health.  Might have.  But no sane person would listen to this ignorant Smartmeter Nazi because of her lies.  Her cred is gone.

That possible concern is the radio frequency that a smartmeter might emit.  But if this wackjob does not understand that a meter has no possible way of reporting a visitor in your house, there is no way she would possibly understand radio frequencies and types of radiation.  But she can post from fellow wackjob sites that make up lies about technology they don’t understand either.  Facts are a downer for conspiracy wackjobs.  They crave causes and facts be damned.  Facts would screw up their desire to control others.

Problem is, there is no proof that the radio frequencies used by these devices causes harm.  But if the wackjobs can find one person with a phd in lesbian studies agree with them, that is good enough to feed their paranoia.

Here is some news for you tard.  Water utilities have automated your water meter.  That could explain why you and your husband are wackjobs if only anyone else serviced by these meters was as screwed up as you two.  Too late to change that with another of your idiotic crusades.  Its there.  You have no right to change it.  If you want water, you have to accept that water meter emitting DEADLY radio frequency up your ass.  That make you feel better?  All those water meters out there inflicting rank fart disease.  You missed the crusade.  And yet…those meters are not wreaking the havoc you claim electric meters will.

Here is the bottom line, bitch.  You have no right to electricity.  No one cares about your sad sob excuses and lies.  YOU chose to have a dog.  Provide access without restrictions or lose the power.  Your family’s declining health is NO EXCUSE.  You are not some brave warrior in battle for the good of humanity.  You have ZERO concept of what you are raging like a fool about on the internet.  Your attempts to make your unreasonable demands seem harmless are not hidden with your lame rhetoric.  You can’t blame smartmeters for being the tard that you are today so STFU or sit in the dark.

So grab a drink and toast with me.  Heres to Oncor shoving that meter up your shit hole as we relish the collective laugh at your insanity.

Signed with love and all due respect,

your sloopy ookems

P.S.  In preparation for the smartmeter’s anal insertion, please remove your head from your ass.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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  1. Annie says:

    Without counsel, plans go awry,
    But in the multitude of counselors they are established.
    Proverbs 15:22
    Plus, if you think about it, I’d rather have a computer zipping my electronic info along to another computer than have some dude snooping around in my back yard once a month or so.

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