Why LightSquared Matters

Because it destroys GPS.

This is my simplistic explanation of how it does that and why LightSquared is allowed to move forward with their plans.

The evil military set up GPS.  I love it.  Because I have no sense of direction.

GPS is a bunch of satellites with radio transmitters on them.  If you know how far you are from any three points, you can plot your position.  Or any four points.  Or more points.  We can use the radio transmission from each satellite to know how far we are from them.  With the distance from three satellites, we have triangulated our position.

It amazes me.  Extremely accurate when you consider how far away those satellites are.  When the military first deployed the satellites, they did not want our foes to use them and have all the advantages they provide.  So they “dithered” the signal to give a less accurate positioning capability.  As civilians starting using GPS, they began to overcome the dithering so I think the military dropped it and just lets everyone in on the fun.

To triangulate your position, you need a receiver tuned to the radio frequency that the satellites are transmitting.  You need a very sensitive receiver.  Because the radio transmitters on the satellites are very far away and the transmitters are very weak (low power).

Radio waves are interesting.  Its a spectrum.  Our sun transmits waves.  Light waves.  And our eyes are receivers tuned to pick up some of the waves transmitted.  Our eyes cannot “pick up” infrared light.  Your TV remote transmits infrared light to a receiver on the TV that is tuned to that frequency.  Our eyes cannot “pick up” the frequency transmitted by a clarinet.  But our ears can.  Our ears are receivers tuned to the clarinet frequency but our TVs are not.

The human animal can only use certain wave frequencies that our receivers are tuned to.  That does not mean that other frequencies don’t bombard our receivers.  Infrared light can hit our ear drums and retinas but infrared light is not processed by our ears and eyes because they are not tuned to that frequency.  FM radio, WIFI, broadcast TV and Bluetooth also bombard our eyes and ears but we have no receiver tuned to those wave frequencies.

Microwaves are waves.  Your microwave oven is a radio transmitter.  In that area of the wave spectrum, some molecules vibrate when bombarded by microwaves.  The vibration causes friction which causes heat.  Rub your hands together fast and the friction will create heat too.  That is all a microwave oven is.  And a metal box to contain the radio waves.  If the microwaves escaped and hit your body, you’d know it and get away fast.  The microwaves would vibrate the molecules they hit and create heat.  Cook your ass.  Though microwaves are called “radiation”, its not cumulative in your body.  Every exposure to microwaves are a “first time exposure”.  This is not true of X-ray radiation.

X-rays are another part of the wave spectrum.  Located on the high end above microwaves.  Gamma rays are still higher.  X-ray radiation exposure is cumulative.  Its a bad idea to play with them and a good idea to limit your exposure.  Though a Paultard would disagree, we need to regulate X-rays.  I don’t want my neighbor emitting X-rays at my house.  Or microwaves.  I do want planes emitting microwaves.  Weather radar saves lives by allowing pilots to avoid tornadoes, wind shear and microbursts.  (Yes, weather radar in planes use microwaves and if you walk within about 40 feet in front of a plane with its weather radar operating, it will cook your ass.)

Some waves are dangerous.  Some are dangerous if amplified too much.  My neighbor’s 60 watt light bulb will not harm me but his laser could blind me.  His TV won’t harm my hearing but at some volume, it could make me deaf.  Other areas of the spectrum need to be regulated in order for them to be useful.  If your keychain fob for your car knocked out my WIFI when you press its buttons, I am going to be pissed and shove that fob up your ass.  If your cordless phone overpowers my radio and broadcasts your boring conversation through my radio, your phone will join your fob up your bunghole.  (Love, love, love that word.  Ima work cornhole in before the end so keep reading.)

To the chagrin of the Paultard wackjobs, the FCC regulates much of the radio spectrum.  Without the order of this regulation, we’d all be walking around with tons of transmitters up our cornholes.  A ringing phone might raise your garage door.  A Blackberry text message might set off a heart pacemaker.  So rational people welcome order in the spectrum.  It enhances our lives and sometimes, saves our lives.

An obvious illustration might be the AM radio frequencies.  These frequencies are assigned by the FCC to private companies to use.  If I am allocated frequency 820 in Dallas and allowed to transmit at 50 watts, you are not allowed to transmit on that frequency at 1,000 watts in Dallas.  Your transmission would overpower mine.  Move your transmitter to Chicago and its all good.  This happens in Dallas sometimes with Messican radio stations transmitting from beyond the reach of the FCC.  Tune to your favorite Polka station and you might get Mariachi music instead.

Nor will the FCC allow you to transmit your 80s hair band tunes at 1,000 watts at 820.1 in Dallas.  It well “bleed over” into my transmission at 820 and render my polka tune transmission unusable.  Keeping transmissions separated means everyone is heard, even my wimpy 50 watt transmission.

This is why LightSquared matters.  When GPS was deployed, it was agreed that the part of the spectrum used by GPS would be considered a “quiet neighborhood”.  No one would use the radio spectrum assigned to GPS or the portion of the spectrum near the GPS frequencies.  No one would “bleed over” into the weak GPS transmissions.

But government is greedy.  Never enough money.  And the unused spectrum was making them salivate.  They wanted to auction it off to the highest bidder.  They started off with the high and low ends of the reserved spectrum.  This is what your “digital” cell phone uses.  The FCC auctioned it off to “minorities”.  Meaning, minorities got extra credit when bidding for chunks of the spectrum.  So Sprint and AT&T found some black women and set them up in business to win the bidding game.  Then they paid off the black women and set up the cell phone network.

So far so good.  GPS could coexist with the cell phone network because the frequencies were not close enough to the GPS frequencies to overpower them.  The “quiet neighborhood” shrank but was still adequate.

But government wants more.  And idle frequencies are money.  Money OR political paybacks.  And somehow, the company (now called) LightSquared got two chunks of frequency adjacent to the GPS spectrum at “bargain basement” prices.  The plan evolved into a $14 billion network that would transmit from thousands of ground based transmitters at very high power (40,000 watts as best I recall).  Additionally, LightSquared plans to transmit from satellites on those same frequencies.  The “quiet neighborhood” will be too small for GPS to be heard.  Their transmissions will be overpowered by LightSquared’s network.

Where the hell does someone get $14 billion dollars for such a massive project and how the hell did they get awarded that spectrum?

The money for huge projects like this seems to magically appear when snake oil salesmen like Al Gore gets involved.  Can you say Global Crossing?  It was a “scheme” to lay shitloads of fiber optic cable that would encircle the globe 50 times.  Do we need that?  Not really.

When you make a transatlantic phone call, your voice is converted to a series of light flashes that are sent through a glass fiber across the ocean.  It is converted back to voice on the other end.  When you make that call, are you assigned a dedicated fiber optic cable?  Naw.  Light travels fast.  Faster than you can talk.  It makes no sense to have that expensive cable sitting idle so we multiplex many conversations on that same cable.  Many, many conversations.  Along with You Tube video data.  Your voice and internet traffic are just data.  Shitloads of data can be flashed down a tiny fiber of glass smaller than human hair.  Shitloads of these fibers are in each cable.  Unlike copper wires transmitting electrical signals, light flashing down glass does not “bleed” into its neighboring fiber cables.

But shitloads have a limit too.  So as we approached that limit, some nerd said “Hey.  Why don’t we send one conversation on the blue spectrum of the light and another on the red.  And another on the green.”  That would triple the data that can be sent but why not use the teal and magenta light frequencies too.  So shitloads of data was multipled to shitloads and shitloads of data.  When shitloads and shitloads of data was not enough, the same nerd said “Hey again.  Why don’t we point one beam of light slightly upward in that glass fiber and let it bounce up and down as it travels down that glass.  And another slightly downward on the same cable.”  That would double shitloads and shitloads and adding a third beam of light would triple it.  All this adds up to assloads of data.  Wonderful people those nerds.

Global Crossing went bankrupt.  I bet Al Gore came out with assloads of money though.

It seems to me that all these “huge idea” ventures are a shell to give politicians money.  They put in $20 of their capital, paste their face on the company, sucker in billions of dollars from fools and bail out with a few hundred million before the company implodes.  Sometimes lending the face to the company is all they contribute.  Ala Gore and Google.  This is how the Stephens family funneled money to the Clintons in Arkansas.

In any event, Global Crossing did “lay fiber”.  And those assets do not vanish when the company dissolves.  The fiber can be sold at a fraction of the cost to companies that can use it.  Sometimes the assets are bought to prevent a competitor from buying them and the assets sit idle.  If we can transmit every book in the Library of Congress around the globe 5 billion times in one second, do we need to?  Will having the ability to transmit it 50 billion times be better?

“Big idea” companies never complete their goal.  High speed internet on planes is something everyone wants.  Internet access has been available for planes awhile, but it has been painfully slow.  And painfully expensive.  Shitloads of money for (what seemed like) dialup.  Internet on planes is from satellites.  Launching a bigo hunk of metal into space is very expensive.  It is also expensive for a company to “rent” a satellite to transmit and receive a frequency the FCC has assigned to them.  Even if that same satellite is doing the same for other companies with the frequencies they “own”.

The GPS network of satellites was “built out” (deployed) by our military.  It cost billions.  It was a “big idea” that, at the time, only the government could achieve.  Internet broadband on planes is one of those “big ideas”.  But it was not accomplished by the first company that tried it.  Gulfstream has a broadband internet service for their planes.  Real broadband.  As in high speed.  Gulfstream did not launch satellites.  It places the transmitter and receiver in the tail of their planes and lets you subscribe to the service provider.  If you can find the service provider.  The name seems to change weekly.  At least up to the point the build out was completed.

The big idea starts with a snake oil salesman.  It begins to build out part of the network and goes under.  A second snake oil salesman buys the assets at bargain basement prices and builds out a little more of the network.  The cycle continues until there is a functioning network.  It happened with the old, slow plane internet and it happened with the new one.

LightSquared is one of these interim snake oil companies.  It is building on the failure of a previous “big idea” company.  The broadband internet for planes was born of the same process BUT the end product (high speed internet on planes) did not destroy the usefulness of anyone else on the frequency spectrum.  LightSquared will.  “Investors” believe nerds can do anything.  At least the snake oil salesman believe it and either skip the details or lie to investors.  Until the check clears.

Obama invested in one of the LightSquared predecessor snake oil companies.  $90 grand.  I hear he lost money on the investment, as most in those predecessor companies do.  Coincidentally, his investment was made the day the FCC “sold” the frequencies to the company.  Funny how the definition of insider information never seems to cover politicians.  Without an assigned frequency, there is no company.  And the government has control of who gets the frequencies.  How comfy.

No one sits around and reads about the daily machinations of the FCC.  But eventually it came to light that LightSquared was planning to deploy a network using the frequencies adjacent to the GPS “quiet neighborhood”.  The military howled.  So did Garmin.  So did the people using cranes.  So did surveyors.  And aviation.  Planes use GPS.  Shitloads of stuff use GPS.    As word spread that turning up the LightSquared network would cause GPS problems, investors fled.  Almost all of them.  The more organized the opposition the less money LightSquared was left with.

As I said earlier, it costs a shitload of money to launch a satellite or rent time on one.  It costs another shitload to set up tens of thousands of cell phone transmitter towers.  The estimate I read was $20 billion.  As LightSquared’s investors fled, one investor’s hedge fund filled the money gap.  Harbinger Capital Partners.  Today, Harbinger is about the only LightSquared investor.

Hedge funds are great vehicles to funnel politicians money.  Ask Al Gore again.  He was given a hedge fund “job” and was given shitloads of money.  Because Gore is an investment wunderkind.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Hedge fund managers are fatass metrosexuals that have standing mani/pedi appointments.  And colonic appointments.  They are so full of shit that they need hot Perrier shot in their ass and the shit pumped out.

Hedge funds are also a great job for people that fail at everything in life except selling snake oil.  Too stoopid to tie a knot?  Become a hedge fund manager.  Con other people out of money by selling them on the value of someone else’s ideas and work.  Then charge them fees out the ass so you can buy that plane and join the mile high colonic club.  The scam will run its course and collapse eventually but you’ll live quite well until then.  After the fall, start another hedge fund.  There are tons of fools willing to pay for your enemas.  I mean, colonics.

Sometimes, in the wake of the ruin, fiber optic cable is left behind for others to scoop up.  Or a broadband internet service for planes.

Phillip Falcone is Harbinger.  One fancy office with a 30th floor address on Park Avenue and the colonic addict Phillip Falcone.  I wonder if he had that same office for his other failed fund.  I know he had at least one previous failure because he “borrowed” $116 million to pay his taxes.  Forgot to tell his investors about it until a year or so later when the company failed and the investors lost their money.  But the fat Falcone got a ton of enemas before he fucked the investors.  (How does someone owe $116 million in taxes in one year.  I smell a tax cheat that could not delay paying the IRS another week.)

As half sane investors fled the LightSquared sinking ship, Falcone has tried to increase his fund’s holdings in LightSquared to keep it afloat.  To do this, he has had to dump other investments held by his scam.  I mean, he has had to dump other investments held by his company.  Today, Harbinger Capital Partners has close to one investment.  LightSquared.  And LightSquared has close to one investor.  Harbinger.  LightSquared is Harginger.  Harbinger is LightSquared.  And Harbinger is Phillip Falcone.  He has it all on the line with LightSquared.  Well I say he.  What I mean is the current fund he is running.  Harbinger was founded in 2001 and my bet is there will be another fund when this one crashes.  “Phillip” loves a good scam and enemas ain’t free.  Colonics.  I meant colonics.  Colonics ain’t free.  Unless you visit a gay bath house.

I can imagine the concept would be easy to sell.  A nationwide cell phone and data network with zero “dead spots”.  LightSquared was not planning to sell service to you.  It was planning to sell it to the manufacturer of your phone.  Or your tablet.  Or whatever devices need data.  Not necessarily to Verizon.  To device manufacturers.  Samsung.  Motorolla.  You buy the device you want.  Not the devices Sprint offers.  If the ground cell towers are blocked by something, the satellite will take over the connection.  Not a bad idea.  Not a cheap idea to build out that network.

But we know that network encroaches too close to the GPS network.  We know that.  And we know that today.  Who the hell told LightSquared they could use those frequencies and shouldn’t they have known better?

The answers are the FCC and Yes.  I don’t know if the FCC made the decision on its own that they could sell off the two frequencies.  I do know that Obama’s head of the FCC, Julius Genachowski has begun to clinch his asshole since this came to light.  LightSquared suddenly started waving around a FCC waiver in January to its investors to calm their fears.  The people that would be involved in the FCC waiver process knew nothing about it.  They were bypassed and the waiver magically appeared in LightSquared’s hands.

This intensified the questions by those objecting to use of the frequencies.  The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) gathered other concerned parties and we filed a lawsuit.  Which finally got a conversation started.  LightSquared on one side.  The Pentagon, Department of Agriculture (those big damn machines need GPS too), personal GPS manufacturers, aviation and a shitload of others on the other side.

If you have read this far, you know much more than hedge fund investors know about this.  Falcone knows a fuckload more about enemas than you though.  COLONICS.  I mean colonics.  But colonic boi says he has the frequencies and damn the torpedoes, he is moving forward.  Evidently lawyers make Mr. Clenched Asshole Genachowski nervous.  Not nervous enough to stop LightSquared.  But nervous enough to try to use psychobabble peace queer talk to make everyone happy.  It did not work because those of us opposing LightSquared have too much at stake to fall for psychobabble.

Everyone agreed on a big delaying tactic.  A “work group” would be formed to experiment and study the question:  Will LightSquared’s network screw up GPS.  Everyone knows the answer but the work group idea was agreed to.  Participants would be in sub-teams to study the impact on:



General Location and Navigation

High Precision, Timing Networks

Space-based Receivers

And of course LightSquared was present to validate the legitimacy of the tests.  And were allowed to add their own section to the final report that the work group would produce.

The report was published June 30th of this year.  You can read it here:


First line of the Executive Summary portion of the report:

“The final report of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-mandated Technical Working Group (TWG) clearly and conclusively demonstrates that the ground-based cellular network deployment planned by LightSquared when the TWG was formed would cause devastating interference to millions of GPS users.”

The answer we already knew before we spent shitloads of time, energy and money.

Without getting into too much nerdspeak, this paragraph from the same report is important:

“The tests were all conducted at a 90 percent power reduction from the LightSquared’s FCC authorized transmit power levels of almost 16,000 Watts. Even at these drastically reduced emitted transmission levels, at the Las Vegas “live sky” tests power levels of up to 800 billion times the received GPS signal were recorded next to GPS receivers on the ground at around 500 feet from a single cell tower.  Even a mile away from the tower, power levels up to a billion times the distant GPS signals were recorded.  Given typical cell tower spacing, GPS users would never escape these extreme power levels anywhere within LightSquared’s broadband network footprint, planned to cover 92 percent of the population within four years. Even GPS receivers in outer space, 500 miles up in orbit, did not escape harmful interference from the network.”

Did you understand that?  The tests were done at 10% of the planned power levels.  For one tower.  When the tests were performed, the FAA issued a TFR (temporary flight restriction) in the test airspace.  They were worried about the impact on a plane flying anywhere near the tower.

Problem solved.  No LightSquared network.  Scientific proof.

Not so fast.  LightSquared has pictures of Obama and Genachowski getting fucked by a donkey or something.  Because LightSquared is still being allowed to move forward.

God bless Issa and Grassley.  They are looking for those pictures.  So are other legal foundations and web sites.  iwatchnews.com filed a FOIA and got some e/mail between the whitehouse and LightSquared.  And connecting the dots of contributions to democraps and the democrap party.  The e/mails they quote discuss meetings with the Obama administration officials and always seem to mention that a good meeting time for LightSquared is when they will already be in town for a democrap fundraiser.  Here is one quote:

“I touched base with my client Sanjiv Ahuja and he expressed an interest in meeting with you…He is going to be in DC next week for a fundraising dinner with the President.”

Sanjiv is the CEO of Lightsquared.  He and his wife seem to coincidentally make maximum donations to democraps when FCC magic waivers are needed.

Maybe congress should ask Genachowski (an Obama bundler, wonder if he knows what a frequency is) about this.  They tried.  He refused to show up.  Defied congress and not in the hoosegow.  Probably promoted.

Genachowski might have flipped off congress.  But not the Pentagon.  They are big time pissed about this.  And the Pentagon’s boss is Obama.  Obama seems to think that means the Pentagon cannot speak fact to congress.  The Pentagon must say anything and everything Obama tells them to say.  Even lie for Obama.

With the General’s testimony, Obama wanted to force him to lie, but settled on a pussy addition that he could deny was an outright lie.  He wanted the General to say “LightSquared can fix the problem.  We need to give them more time to study this problem.”

We HAVE studied the problem.  We have the answer.  Don’t use those two frequencies.  The smartest people on the planet agree on that.  But the Obama bundlers know more than them.

Now we have a second witness that was asked to make “additions” to his congressional testimony.

What does LightSquared say when confronted with the facts?

Several conflicting things.

First they can “fix” the problem.  No clue how but they want us to believe a miracle will emerge from enema boi’s ass during his next colonic.

Next they say they will deploy at half power.  The fact that the tests were done at 10% power and still blocked GPS reception has to be ignored.  At 50% power it would be worse.

Next they say they will only use one of the two frequencies they “own”.  The one farthest from the GPS spectrum.  Even though that frequency was included in the tests and demonstrated to screw GPS signals.

The last thing I have heard them say is “too bad”.  Screw your GPS system.  Its not our problem.  If you want GPS, you figure it out.  Deploy a stronger satellite transmission or fix all GPS receivers to block our frequencies.

What if we make new receivers that can filter out their frequencies but they cost $18 trillion dollars each?  What if they weigh as much as the planet Jupiter?  What if they are the size of China?  Why should I be inconvenienced in any way for Obama bundlers and enema boiz to get rich?

Another possible answer to the “why is Obama determined to allow this to happen” question is it fulfills one of his promises.  He has said that everyone should have access to broadband.  I read that to mean free access.  I can’t prove it yet (because no one has asked), but I bet LightSquared has agreed to give the government a percentage of the service.  For Obama to give away free broadband to those in “poverty”.  Internet and cell phone access, in the libtard’s pointy head, is a right.

Enema boi – I mean Phillip Falcone was interviewed by Megyn Kelly.  I posted the video on YouTube.  With many scandals, complexity is the crook’s best friend.  Decades ago we had a HUGE scandal involving a bank named BCCI.  No one got in trouble for stealing billions because the complexity of the scandal could not be explained in a 30 second news story.  This is why no one knows what LightSquared is and what the problem is.

So the complexity had Megyn Kelly befuddled but so did her lack of technical understanding.  If you listen to the interview, you will see that enema boi takes advantage of that and also muddies the waters more.  Listen with your post “it depends what the meaning of is is” mindset and you will hear him say the “company” was not given access to the General’s testimony.  But what company?  LightSquared?  Harbinger?  If ever under oath, he can say “I thought she meant Harbinger.  That is the company I own and the only company I can speak for.”

You will hear libtardz defend LightSquared by saying “If it is possible for LightSquared to screw the military’s use of GPS, then our enemies could do the same thing.”  As if this is the first time anyone has thought of that and LightSquared is a hero for finding that little problem.  Could our foes broadcast on the GPS frequencies and screw up guidance systems?  Yes.  But we would take out those transmitters.  From the ground or air.  It is a very different animal to screw ourselves by allowing enema boiz to deliberately use those frequencies.

Will the network be deployed?  I doubt it.  GPS is too embedded in our life to give up.  When the heat was turned up too high on the FCC, the waiver had a “but only if you can fix that GPS thing” clause added.  When a final “no” is given to LightSquared, the money will stop for Obama, the democraps and eneme boi.  But their clumsy attempts to prolong the sucking at the money cow’s tit is revealing some real questionable activities.  If not illegal activities.

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