Who the hell eats this stuff?

If you can’t do food right, I’m wondering if your carbon footprint exceeds the value of your contributions to the planet.  I mean hell, even the Mexicans can make some kickass food.  What have the Brits contributed?

Yorkshire pudding.  I guess.  How bad could a dish be if it is carbs that suck up beef fat?

Terry’s Mom swears people will love it.  Looking at the recipe I have my doubts.  It looks like pancake batter that you bake in fat.  I mean “drippings”.  Pancakes baked in “drippings”.

Now I ain’t dissing good ole grease.  People love grease and salt.  They won’t admit it.  But they eat oversalted, greasy fraud chicken in their closets.  If you are wondering why your fraud chicken is not as good as most fraud chicken, add salt.  Brine it before you fry it and don’t spare the salt in the crust.  People will think you are Paula Dean.

We go the sweet route with pancakes.  Syrup.  Fruity toppings loaded with sugar.  Whipped cream.  I can see that.  It is what God intended when he created pancakes.

Leave it to the Brits to screw up a good thing.  I think they export all their regular, good food and have to find creative ways to use up the leftover crap they eat.  So long ago, someone said “I have an idea.  Let’s bake pancakes in grease.  Pancakes are cheap and we gotta do something with all this grease.”

Maybe the Brits are onto something.  My Mom made the observation that you rarely see a fat Brit or a thin Brit dog.  Not sure how eating greasy pancakes contributes to their trim stature though.  I mean, if you are really going to go the savory route with a pancake, add some Tony Chachere’s for God’s sake.  Or at least a cream soup.

I’m not trusting this stuff.  Yeah, we are going to make Yorkshire pudding to serve, but I am serving it with the prime rib.  Not as its own course.  And will have potatoes with a cream soup and Tony Chachere’s.  Just in case.

On the upside, I don’t think many of us rubes have had Yorkshire pudding.  I am sure Mz Mac has.  So if its a big flop, no one will know if it is a good Yorkshire pudding or a bad one.  They will just think all Yorkshire pudding sucks.  Which is probably true.

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  1. Annie says:

    lulz, the brits are trim and the dogz r fat cuz they don’t eat that crap either! and since when does soggy bread=pudding? yeah, ima heathen, i know. but I can cook stuff people LIKE to eat!

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